6 in 1 Roll On Wax Heater Roller Waxing Kit Hair Removal Depilator Depilatory Warmer Set

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1.Automatic heating, compact and flexible, easy to carry
2.Hair removal , more completely 
3.Suitable for Professional Salon or Home Use

Item Type: Waxing Kit
Gender: Unisex
Waxing Paper Size: App 19.5cm*7cm
Package Weight:About 630g 
Cable length:App 120cm
Adapter: We will send you an adapter (this is just plug adapter,not the transformer's adapter) according to your living country
Package Included: 
1 X Hand Held Roller Depilatory Cartridge Heater
1 X 100g Depilatory Wax Cartridges
1 X Washing Wax Cleaner 100ml
1 X Pack Waxing Paper (About 100Pcs)
1 X Cable
1 X Manual
Don’t connect more than 10 mobile wax heaters.The base connector can’t connect any other appliance.
Please read the instruction manual before using this product:
1.Before use, make sure the skin is absolutely clean.
2.Insert the wax into the wax machine.
3.Connect the main power and turn on the power.
4.Heat the wax for about 20-30min.Then begin to use.
5.Move the products to the direction that the hair grows,and cover the area of 15-18 square centimeters.
Make sure suitable the 
temperature of wax treatment.If the wax is too hot,wait for a while then to begin the operation.Or place 
the wax on the 
hair-removal paper for use.
6.Use the paper band on the treatment area.Use hand to press down the hair grows.
7.Tear off the hair removal paper to the reverse direction that the hair grows.Must be quickly tear off 
the paper,do not slowly.
8.After hair removal,use the cleanser for hair-removal to clean.
9.After cleaning,use the moisture without fragrance to do massage.
Safety Information:
Do not use the single refill heater when its plugged in to the socket.
-The appliance should never be used while touching water
-Do not touch the appliance with wet hands or feet.
-Not to use the appliance near of bathtubs or full water containers.
-Do not use extensions cable in the bathroom.
-Do not allow children or irresponsible people to use the appliance unsupervised.
-Do not use in an inappropriate and dangerous way.
-Use only for the purpose for which it is intended.
-Keep away from children
The Fine Print
Delivery available within city limits of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi for an additional fee of AED 20.
Delivery will be done within 3 working days from sending the email. Often we deliver within 3 days.
item cannot be combined with other promotional items.
Subject to availability