Digital Quran Pen 100% Original Islamic Holy Quran Reading Pen with Quran Book many Reciters translation language Muslim

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The Word-for-word Quran Read Pen Reader

New Features:
- Touch to hear 1 word recited at a time!
- Select to hear any translation directly after the Arabic recitation without have to change modes.

Bonus Products includes:
1. Qaida Noorania - Alroqia AlSharia, Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim), Duaas from the Holy Quran
Daily Duaas as per Hadith, Surah Index of the Holy Quran, Anasheed, Allah Al-Mighty Names, Ar-Rahmaan, Ya Sin, Al-Mulk, Al-Waqi'ah and Part 30.

2. Talking dictionary with 7 units including Everday Courtesy, Transportation, Accommodations, Dining, Shopping, Tourism, Others.

3. Sahih Al-Bukhari with voice.
Quran Read Pen hides a unique technology that scans and pronounces Quran Page / Sura / Aya from the printed Quran. 


Quran Read Pen Improves reading skills for all learners - Maintains the flow of reading as students & non-Arabic people encounter unfamiliar words. Use the Quran Read Pen M9 as your reading assistant anywhere, any time. This versatile device may improve Holy Quran Reciting skills dramatically. With the auditory support provided by the Quran Read pen M9, frustration and embarrassment disappear. Both struggling and fluent readers rapidly improve their skills in:

Academic vocabulary 
Grammatical structure 


1.Quran Voices installed on the Pen:
- Al-Sudais
- Basit(Mojawad)
- Al-Maeqali

2.Complete Holy Quran Book in well printed Uthmani Script on precious paper with beautiful cover.

3.Read Pen can read any page, Sura or Aya by only touching the text in the Holy Qur'an Book.

4.Simple and easy way for people with reading difficulties, learning disabilities or dyslexia to get immediate word support when they are reciting.

5.Perfect for those who want to learn how to Recite (Read) Holy Quran without a teacher especially for non-Arabic People.

6.With the help of Read Pen, children and adults can conveniently recite Holy Quran anywhere any time.

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