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FILL 100 BALLOONS IN UNDER ONE MINUTE ★ That's right--forget the days of spending hours tying just 20 balloons for a water balloon fight with your family or friends! ★ Be the life of the party with this kit where you can quickly prepare 120 balloons instantly!

FUN FOR EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY ★ Tell your family or friends you want to have a water balloon fight but keep this a secret and instantly come out with 100 of your own balloon ammunition to win every time!

NO KNOT TYING - EASY TO USE ★ Perfect for any age (as long as supervised by adults), you can easily make balloons that don't require you to tie a knot at all, simply fill and start using and throwing right away!

PERFECT FOR WATER BALLOON GAMES ★ Everyone loves having water balloon fights in the summer or nice weather...and we all love to win, what better way than to prepare yourself with 120 balloons in seconds?

THREE BUNCHES OF BALLOONS INCLUDED ★ 120 balloons in all included for some great fun with family, friends or colleagues at work ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★ If your balloons do not work as described, return them for your 100% money-back guarantee!

Magic Water Balloons

Ever dream of winning that water balloon fight that you had with your brothers or sisters when you were a kid? Well now 
is the time to seek revenge on them with our 120-balloon water balloon set that you can fill in minutes!

Challenge them to a re-match a re-live your childhood this summer with some good old-fashioned fun...but this time you 
will be prepared with this set of quick-fill water balloons!

Included with your purchase:

★ 3 bunches of water balloons totaling 120 balloons 
★ Instructions on how to fill them without tying 
★ 100% Money back guarantee they will work as described 
★ 100% Guarantee you will have a great time!

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