Reseal & Save Bag Sealer - Storage Bag Polybag Sealer

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Product Description
If your family is like most, you waste hundreds of dollars every year throwing out stale food. Thanks to the Reseal and Save Bag Sealer, you can eliminate this problem with one simple device. This ultra-portable bag sealer will reseal any plastic bag in seconds, keeping food fresher, longer. It's easy-to-use and delivers a tight, secure, and safe seal without requiring AC power- simply insert the top of the bag, reseal, and save! The Reseal and Save Bag Sealer can seal over 300 bags with just one set of six 'AA' batteries, so you save time, effort, and money every single time you use it.              

It's easy, delivers a tight secure and safe seal and requires no DC power.
Reseal and Save is a wall mountable and portable.

  • Portable battery operated handy sealer
  • sleek and elegant design
  • seals in freshness, flavor and nutrients of leftovers in their original bag, no need to use another separate container
  • with micro-thermal technology to lock in freshness including liquid without a leak
  • ideal for picnics and packed lunch
  • sits on any flat surfaceor you can mount on the wall
  • requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
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